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Blackbird, fly…my, oh , my…

January 15, 2009

I got the first prints back and scanned from my very first roll with the Blackbird, fly.  I have to say in general I am very pleased and excited about this camera.  However, as with many first rolls a lot of the shots were crap but thats just how it goes.  The one thing that actually pissed me off was the developer.  I took the roll to Walgreens and I am definately not happy with the results.  They atuo-corrected most of the images, cut off parts of some frames, printed parts of the negetive with nothing on it and the scans they gave me were mobile phone quality at best.  I will never go back there to get prints again and thankfully I won’t have to because I am finally going back home this Saturday.   Anyways, click the link to see the best shots from this roll.

I still have a lot to learn with this camera but I am loving it.

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