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A penguin in a park…

May 21, 2009

Introducing…the Kershaw Soho Penguin!

I got this camera a while ago for ten quid at St. George’s market in Belfast. Never really got around to using it much because when you only have eight 6×9 frames per role you better make sure each frame counts. I did take it out for a spin a little before going to Germany to get married but I am going to save those shots for another post.

On April 8th I threw all caution to the wind and loaded the camera up with some black and white film and handed it over to my sister-in-law to take pictures at the wedding. She is normally seen snapping away with her fully automatic Minolta SLR so a camera like the Penguin was centuries behind what she was used to.

Regardless, she did very well. The camera has a really old glass lens that lends itself to a timeless feel for the photographs. Its hard to tell if these shots were taken in 2009 or 1939. Thanks again to Katty for giving her sister and I such a marvelous record of our wedding.

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