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The difference is greater than the sum…

June 6, 2009

Its been over a month since me and Susi got married in Berlin and its been just about a month since I had to come to the States. Susi pointed out something to me the other day that was not only shocking but equal parts depressing and obvious at the same time. It turns out that in the time we have been married we have spent more time apart than we have actually spent together.

To those who don’t already know, I have to be in the states right now in order to suffer the pains of bureaucracy. You see, I am an American and she is a German and in order for us to actually live together I have to jump all the hurdles that the home office sends us. Whereas Susi can live in the UK with no problem I have to have a plethora of paperwork. Some bureaucrat with a stamp holds my future in their hands and can decide if me and Susi can grow old in the place that we choose. Its a long and complicated process and we are still getting the very big application ready.

Wish us luck and lets hope that life will be back to normal sooner than later. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy our marriage one day.

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