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Rainy days need flowers…

August 4, 2009

It is raining and rumbling outside today and there is no point to go anywhere today.  I actually love rainy days, maybe thats why I love Ireland so much.  Since its so wet and stormy outside I thought I would do a two-for-Tuesday edition of the photo-a-day(ish) project.  And what better than a couple of pictures of bright yellow flowers.

These both were taken with the Agat 18K that I won from Four Corners Dark.  In fact they were taken just minutes before a huge rainstorm.  It was in a park called Mount Storm in Cincinnati and you have a great view of the west side of town.  I could see the rain falling in the distance.  It slowly creeped closer until it was directly overhead.  I took shelter under the big stone building (see here), rolled a cigarette and while I smoked it I watched the storm.  By the time I was done smoking just one cigarette the storm had moved on.  It was actually a really neat experience to see something like that move in and back out so fast.

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  1. August 4, 2009 10:10 pm

    Excellent photos–rainstorms can be a hidden treasure.

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