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Can you ever go home again?

August 25, 2009

Its Tuesday and that means its also two-for-Tuesday, right?  After all there is an “ish” on the end of my photo-a-day(ish) project.  Todays shots come once again from Mount Storm park in Cincinnati.  I love this park and spent much of my wasted youth there.  Every time I am Cincinnati I go back to this park at least once.  I remember the first time I was back from Ireland some two years ago I sat in this park looking out from its high hill just trying to figure out if I could ever come home again.  Sometimes I like it here in the states, sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach.  The old adage of how you can never go home again seems to ring true.  My heart is not here.  My life is not here.  There are so many backwards things about this country that make me want to start swimming across the Atlantic.  I guess you could say me and my home have gone separate ways.  Its just a shame that I am forced to be here right now.

Altissa Altix camera.

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