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September 11, 2009

So, today is September 11 again.  We all know what that means.  But I’ve never been the kind of American that waves the flag and all that stuff.  In fact I have probably been the complete opposite of that most of my life.  I have even chose not to live in the states anymore.  But I have been stuck here for the past four months and I have been observing this country again for the first time since Bush was screwing it all up.  What I am seeing both inspires me and makes me more comfortable in my expatriotism.  I am in awe of Obama and his courage to take on a country with so many problems but I am disgusted to see people outraged that he gave a speech to school children.  I think this country is incredibly confused and parts of it are scared and bitter.  I mean, what self respecting senator heckles the president during a speech.

But beyond that, putting patriotism aside, we should all remember one of the greatest human tragedies to ever occur.  So here I am, someone who has turned his back on living in his home country, sharing with you two images of an icon I fought most of my life to stay away from.  I am sharing these with you because I am struck with emotion every time I see footage from that fateful day.  Not because it was an attack against this country, but because it was an attack against the human race.  I also feel for the people who felt the need to take this life for whatever cause they are fighting for.  For the world to be at a point where it can create such killers is another great tragedy.  I feel for everyone who saw their life being taken from them and decided to take it themselves.  I feel sorry for those left with gaping holes in their live where loved ones used to be.  This is not the world I want to raise a child in.  We must remember that day and keep in our minds a vision of peace, a vision of a world where killing, backstabbing and war is not necessary.

Let us allow our differences to unite us.

Lets take pride in being part of the entire human race, warts and all.

If you have any thought on this please share them and leave a comment.

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  1. archelonsgravity permalink
    September 12, 2009 2:41 am

    Excellent observations… and great pics as well! I do joy reading your daily blogging over evening tea, keep it up 🙂

  2. September 12, 2009 3:03 am

    hey thanks. i’m glad my wee blog can enrich your evening tea 🙂
    i just hope i didn’t step on any sensitive toes with todays post.

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