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Wood and Grain…

September 14, 2009

For todays photo I present another from the test roll I ran through the Yashica Minister D.  I’m not sure if it was the film or the crappy Walgreens processing but a lot of pics from this roll came out under exposed.  I actually had to tweak the levels a bit with this one just to get it to look like this.  I think it is a quite nice picture though, but I do wish the colors were a bit more vivid.

Today I am waiting for one of the most important parcels of my life.  All the paper work that Susi put together over in Ireland for my application needs to be sent to me and should be arriving today.  This means that once I have all the papers its just a hop skip and a wait until I am home.  This must be what people mean by the home stretch.  So this is all pretty exciting as the end to this ordeal might be close.  And whats even better is that since I am basically exercising my treaty rights this application has no government fee.  We were under the impression that we would be paying the home office £500 but we were wrong.  So all in all, good is on its way back in.

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