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September 16, 2009

Have you ever been snapping away with a camera and before you even take a picture you already know what you are going to title it?  Maybe I just spend too much time on Flickr (which I have been told by two Dutchmen is actually a Dutch word for homosexual) or maybe my mind is slipping away.  Either way this happened with this photo.  I was walking around the park and saw this veiw of the building and it looked so flat and geometrical and I said in my head “Angular Momentum.”

This idea of momentum is particularly important to me right now.  After months and months of stagnation life has finally started to gather some momentum.  I received in the post yesterday all the paperwork (about half an inch worth) that I need to turn in with my application and this Friday I go downtown to get myself scanned.  This means that I will have the application sent off by Monday at the latest and from there it is just a short wait.  I say short because four to six weeks is nothing compared to how long I have waited already.

Taken with the Yashica Minister D (and straightened a bit on the computer because I don’t have a spirit level built into my head).

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