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Prints in the system…

September 18, 2009

Today was a big step toward what I have been waiting for for the past third of the year.  I went down town to the big old federal building and got myself all scanned up and put into the system.  Its the second time that I have had to get a biometric scan and its actually a pretty painless procedure.  You go in, they put your fingers on this futuristic scanner, get your photo taken and you’re on your way.  I actually got pretty lucky too because there was no wait and I was a bit early so the way it turned out I was actually done before it was even the time I made my appointment for.  Now all there is left to do is stick the scan in with the application and send it off and wait for a visa to get sent back.  Well, that was the plan.  There was one document that Susi didn’t send with the rest so I have to wait for that.  Its in the mail now and hopefully it will get here middle next week.  Then it will really be a matter of time.  Needless to say me and Susi are really excited and can’t wait to be reunited.

So for todays photo I share with you a sight I hope to be seeing again very soon.  I took this with the Beltica camera on my way away from Ireland.  Sooner than later I will have a chance to see this again.  I cant wait really, and I look forward to spending Christmas with my dear wife.

this song has been going through my head for some reason.

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