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October 4, 2009

The flood of zero emails I got about why I haven’t been doing my photo-a-day(ish) thing anymore got me thinking.  For one, did people actually care?  And two, maybe I should officially bury the whole thing.  The fact is the project has really run its course.  I originally decided to post a photo every day as a way to pass time while I waited for my visa.  Kind of a zen like exercise to make the sands of time slightly less harsh.  And in all respects it worked.  It gave me something to do and gave me an outlet for all my thoughts.  More importantly it gave me a way to share my world with my wife who I haven’t seen in a very long time.  Most of the stuff that I wrote was for her anyways.

Now that I actually have a ticket booked for home I haven’t felt the need to post something every day and I also haven’t had the time.  Now there is actually a date when I will get home, October 16 at 9 o’clock in the morning.  The need to pass time has become a little diminished.  In fact I actually have another project that I am doing but I can’t reveal anything for a while and it actually involves two different countries and no computers, but more about that in a few weeks time hopefully.

Now, if you look at the photo in this post and you remember from this post about a month ago I said that one of my favorite pictures was yet to come, well thats it at the top of this post.  I think the fact that I will be home in 13 days is reason enough to share it.  Some of you might have seen it already on Flickr and I am sure most of you have seen the plethora of other shots I have of the same thing.  But this one in particular strikes a very emotional chord in me.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I married my beautiful wife and I remember vividly the magical time we had in Berlin.  I wish I could live in that time of our lives but sadly life had other plans and it has been our destiny to suffer through this separation.  This shot captures everything that was special those almost six moths ago.  The light coming through, the sense of joy and exhilaration, the care free feeling while we waited to embrace the happily ever after.  I truly love this shot and on an emotional and spiritual level it is the best photo I have ever taken.  Its quite long so stay tuned for the full story of how this lone street sign came to be so important to me and my wife.

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  1. Gretchen permalink
    October 5, 2009 3:42 am

    I think it’s very ironic that you will arrive home on my due date.

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